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It is well recognised in the medical profession that injuries respond well to osteopathic treatments. Its natural approach being the preferred method of treatment for sports people for many years. This technique is used for lower back pain; muscle and ligament injuries; knee pain; shoulder; elbow and wrist injuries. It can also be used for training and rehabilitation exercises.

Always listen to your body, it will tell when to stop, or when not to start. There is never any point in trying to exercise through or ‘run off’, the pain of an injury.

‘Ben has been my go to guy whenever i am preparing for fights or just playing sports. Without him i don’t think i would have been able to stay at the level of sports i am at‘. Scott, Semi-professional boxer.

‘I have been working with Ben for a number of years in white collar boxing, he has helped provide ringside assistance for several advents and is extremely professional and knowledgeable‘ Rob.

‘As a american football player i have experienced lots of injuries and have seen several therapists, but i would say Ben is the best therapist i have meet and would recommend him to anyone‘ Chris

Injuries can be classified in two basic categories;Traumatic injuries are sudden injuries, in which you know something is wrong, and you feel the immediate effects of the injury whether pain, swelling or an open wound. The traumatic injury can be extrinsic, due to an external cause like a twist or a fall. It can also be intrinsic, without obvious cause, like a sprinters sudden hamstring strain in a race, or the squash player’s Achilles tendon rupture.

Overuse Injuries are more subtle because they come on simply as a gradually increasing pain, directly associated with a particular, usually repetitive, activity. Tennis/Golfers elbow and shin splints are examples of overuse injuries.Never leave an injury untreated, because it could lead to further and possibly more serious injuries.
For good self help treatment follow PRICED ​​​​​​​
Prevention, because it is always better to avoid any injuries by preparing adequately.
Rest, thus preventing further injury.
Ice, (or a bag of peas) applied to the injured area will help control any inflammation.
Compress, the area to minimize any swelling.
Elevate, the injured part to aid fluid drainage.
Diagnosis, the appropriate management can be given and achieved with an understanding of what is damaged.The most important of these is the last ‘Diagnosis’, without this that injury you just got becomes a recent problem and in the end stops you from participating in your chosen sport/activity

.If you have a sports injury it’s always better to get it treated and diagnosed as soon as possible. Therefore please to not hesitate in contacting us, and quote ‘Sports1’ when booking an appointment and receive £10 off you initial treatment and consultation.